road of humbleness

I am a Jewish woman!

Often I have asked myself:
What is the reason for my overwelming love for the jewish people?
Now I know it for sure: Because I am a jewish woman!
Through the bloodline of my mother seeing back beyond many generations, I saw my great grandmother in my spirit!
It happened at night around 2 a.m. on November 1st., when I had to experience to get killed in a gas chamber with many others!
What I was going through, was more real than reality and it was brutal.

The Vision:
I was among many others locked in a toilette as we know them from parking lots along the highways. We all knew, what was going to happen.
There were different generations and children starting at the age of 3 yrs., I can not remember seeing babies.
The fear of death was in the air and we grabbed the the sinks, the door knobs, just anything, where we could hold on to.
Then I saw a window made from solid glas bricks, the window was a little open and we all knew, that gas would come out, as soon as the window would close.
All of a sudden it happended. Because of the silence in the room, we could hear the shutting of the window as a heavy metal door would be slammed.
I tried to hammer with an object a hole in the window, but it was impossible, the window was  bullet proof.
Immediately after the closing of the window, gas was streaming in the room.
We all were screaming in absolute panic.
Since I had to go through this, being able to give this testimony, now I can describe, how it feels, to get killed by gas.
A former smoker knows, that the smoke of a cigarette is poison. You inhale thepoisoning  smoke, but you can still breathe. It is similar with the deadly gas, it is possible, to breathe in, but at the same time makes difficulty in breathing.
We could smell, what we were breathing in, we started to choke and became more and more numb until we finally died.
Strangely enough I knew in my dream, that I was only dreaming, to give a testimony.
There are no words to describe the agony in the eyes of the little children or their mothers, as they tried to help them.
In this room have been only Jews and I was with them.
The assurance, to be a jewish woman has filled my heart with joy but also with sorrow, thinking about what is going to happen to this people shortly.
This is the reason, why I have been chosen for the endtime ministry, to bear witness.
Dear brethren in Israel and in the whole world:  JESHUA is our Messiah!
Let me tell you, our relatives, who got killed by Hitler in the gas chambers, inherited physical and emotional pain, therefore I am pleading to all smokers: stop immediately! think about, what had happend in the gas chambers!
Now I know, what my people had to go through, I was in the gas chamber myself.
Only JESHUA is our protector.
Your sister in thankfulness and love to our Messiah Jeshua