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A Covenant with Jeschua!

My daughter Ann-Kathrin, 14 years old, asked me about 1 year ago, in a time when things did not look good, if we had already made a covenant with Jesus? And a set of occurrences I want to give my answer in addition on behalf Jeschuas here further. I had this report in October 2008 in similar form already once in the Internet.

Due to the many attacks I had, I had to remove these from the net. Until 2 weeks ago, 11 September. 2009 the Lord gave me a somewhat special experience. Basically I had already mentioned this experience in one of my last reports; however I did not deal more in greater detail with it which I want to retrieve hereby.

On the night of Thursday on Friday I was awakened, whether it was my personal protection angel, I don’t know. He said that death comes now, but I should not to be afraid, because there is something that must be shown to me. Because of my Heart illness, I saw a lot of situations showing me how quickly life can be over. The enemy would use these situations many times to bring fear to me. A wave of fear came over me, that if I would die right now that I would go straight to hell, because the experience I had about 28 years ago was so terrible, that I just want to forget about it.

Especially the testimony of the illusory dead brought back many memories and made these attacks even worse.

But I declare here, that in the name of Jesus, I am a child of the most high and I will spend eternity with my Lord in heaven.

Back to what happened on September 11, 2009, my angel came to me and held me in his arms and I felt no more fear. After that I left my body and my spirit body held on to the angel. As we were going thru the second heaven, exactly there where the heavenly battles take place, I suddenly was being tickled. I knew that if I let go of my angel I would be lost. I asked the angel what that was and he told me that the enemy was trying to take off my shoes. So I held on even tighter to him and I told myself that I would not have any fear and I was going to continue this testimony no matter what anyone would think.

As we entered the atmosphere of the 3rd heaven, I could already feel the love of our heavenly father. I could feel it in my body. The love, the smell and the singing of heaven are always steady in my memory. As I was back in my body I had a joy that I cannot describe with words.

The important thing to remember is that in that same night I had a dream vision. I saw myself at the airport, with my ticket in my purse, last minute I made the plain. The Stewart stopped me and asked me where my ticket was. I excused myself and told him that it was in my purse. I told him that I was on my way to give my testimony and it was a very important mission. Like a bullet coming out of a pistol I asked him if he knows Jesus Christ. I did not even wait to get an answer; I just started telling him that about 28 years ago for about15 minutes I was dead and went to hell. It just came out of me like a bubbling spring. I told him that if he were to die today he would end up in hell. I asked him, do you want that? After that he told me a part of his life, I can only remember in part what he told me and it was about a lot of sickness. The only thing I answered him was that in hell the pain would be a lot worse than here. There still is time but tomorrow it could be too late. He gave his life to Christ and another person did too. What mercy!

You would say, oh this was just a dream. I will tell you, yes it was, but I heard the Holy Ghost tell me that he is just waiting for one more person and then the rapture was going to happen.

Both of these experiences happened in the same night. This is why I believe that I should not keep this to myself. If the Holy Spirit told me that one person, I do not take it wordily, I take it as a clue that the rapture is near.

After that I was sure, like many other people around the world that the rapture was going to happen Rosh Haschana 2009.

As everyone knows, this came and passed, if it would be next year we would have to wait until September 2010. With everything that is happening. Swine flu, mandatory immunizations, Lissabon treaty in Europe, RFID chip and much more, it is hard for me to believe that our Father would wait another year until he would send his son.

Well, back to the covenant between me and Jesus. My daughter and I lived for three years in Lingen, my sons moved to their Dad for that season. For the call I had on me as an Evangelist, I was supported for 4 years by some of Germany’s biggest companies.

We know that Jesus does not do anything, before telling his prophets. So, a prophet told me exactly to the day, 7 month before it happened that I needed to give all control to Jesus. That is why I was not surprised when I was told that I was no longer sponsored by these companies. I realized that if we did not receive a great miracle that I and my daughter would be out on the street.

Because of the message I received from the prophet I was not afraid, it came when a brother told me that I needed to get public assistants, because if I did not do that I would have child protective services after me. Suddenly a wave of fear came over me.

After that, I went to the welfare office to get assistance, which gave me even more problems. They told me; since I was self employed I would only receive part of what I should get. They told me that it was my problem to pay rent, food, etc...

After that I wrote to a few Christian’s friends to please pray for me. A few days later I received an email that should have not been sent to me but it was about me. It said why I complained since I did receive Harz 4, what did I want, that I was begging. In this way Jesus let me know what people were saying about me.

Three days later I got a visit, which was rare at that time. There were 3 people from child protective services. They were told that I was different then other people, they thought I was crazy. If the presence of the Lord would not have been there, it could have had a bad ending.

They realized that I was not crazy, but they watched me. They informed my daughter’s school and it seemed like they were just looking for something to take her away.

In the autumn vacation my son Tim came to visit with his girlfriend, my daughter was out with her friends. Here we were sitting the 3 of us in the living room when suddenly that doorbell rang and it was the police.

The first thing that came to me was that something happened to my daughter, but that fear was taken from me very quickly. They told me that I was preaching the end of the world and they were afraid of a mass suicide at my house. I felt kind of sick but at the same time it was funny, because the Lord made sure that we could give them our testimony and let them know about the rapture. Before the policemen left I made sure to give them a copy of the book “so real is heaven” by Choo Thomas.

The men told me that they would not promise that they would read the book, but once everything happens what I told them about like, all the children being gone, a lot of people disappearing, then they will start reading the book.

Know I want to go back to the covenant between me and Jesus. My daughter and I would read a lot of books, all books by Rebecca Brown and Daniel Yoder, so it was not a surprise when she asked me if I had a covenant with Jesus. She said that I should know that if you have a covenant with Jesus he will always keep it.

I just want to add something that happened when I was 20, just real quick; it does pertain to the covenant with Jesus.

At that age I did not want children, because I thought it was irresponsible to place children in a world such as this. I had a short relationship with a man and I was terrified when my menstrual was late. Because of my fear that I was pregnant I went straight to the doctor. They told me that it was impossible to know if you are pregnant if you are one day late with your menstrual. Because I made a wave the doctor gave me a shot so I would start to bleed. He also told me that if this would not help I would have to go to the hospital. Well, I got the shot and 3 weeks later my menstrual came and it was so heavy as never before. What I could not forget was that 2 years later I could still feel where I got the shot. After the experience when I was hit by lightning and since I had given my life to Jesus the pain had left. That is when I knew, that I was pregnant. For a long time I would ask what my child would look like, if I had not done this horrible thing. In the spring of 2008 the Lord gave me an answer to this. He told me that I have a daughter and he personally gave her a name, Ester!

In my testimony I wrote that after a 7 year marriage I was divorced with 2 boys, Dennis was 6 and Tim was 3, I was all alone with them.

Really I had enough of men, but because the boys were so young and they really wanted a father, I listened to my step dad and put a partner add in the paper. I answered to 7 inquiries. As I was reading a new add, I could hear the voice of the Lord telling me that this would bring me big problems. But stubborn me was thinking, I will probably never meet him anyway.

Well, that man became the father of my daughter.

Know I want to go back to a covenant with Jesus. He showed me 3 days after my daughter was consifed that I was pregnant. After this vision, Satan came into the picture. I felt that he personally was in my bedroom. I could hear someone telling me, you don’t want this child, everyone will laugh at you, have an abortion, no one will ever know.

This moment brought a sadness over my whole body. I could only think, I could not move. In my mind I was yelling for Jesus until finally I could get his name over my lips. When I got strength back into my body I jumped out of bed and got on my knees. I promised the Lord that I would not commit a sin so I could hide another one. I aborted one child; I would never do that again. After that I asked for forgiveness again for the horrible thing I had done. I promised the Lord I would have this child, no matter what anyone would say. I begged the Lord to always provide for us no matter what happened.

I was blessed with this child, because the Lord gave me a daughter. Today I see that everything started with my child in heaven, Ester, and everything ends with Ann-Kathrin. This is what I was supposed to learn regarding my children.

Not just me, nut a lot of other people, Jesus hates abortion!!! If we would look at a scale from 1 to 1000000000, then you would find abortion first place as to what Jesus hates.

Abortion is the most horrible and meanest thing, the most awful murder that exists. It happened as I asked, our king made sure that we always had enough. The harvest of sin did not spare me.

A long soulful pain was before me and my children. You reap what you sow. In this time my relationship with the Lord grew a lot. Today I can say that HE is everything to me!!!

As I already mentioned, fear, worry and panic, often knocked on my hearts door and I opened it.

Often times I forgot about the miracles like this one…. When my daughter was 1 year old, I got a thyroid infection and I got a knot. My pulse would not go under 120 even when I was resting, any little thing would spike it so high that I could not count it. One night I thought that I would not see the next day. I asked the Lord to have mercy on me because my children were still so small. As an answer he sent me an angel that told me that I need to trust Jesus.

The meaning trusting, the way we practice it, took me a while to do. Again and again I found myself in tests to trust the Lord. It would get better from time to time, but fear and unbelief was still there. Today I know that the test would not end until I overcame my fears.

Today I can say that I am thankful, that I made a covenant with Jesus. Because even my daughter realized that we have been in many difficult situations but we always had enough.

Some might say that who does not work, he should also not eat. Yes, that is correct, may the Lord give me a healthy heart, a heart that I can do my house work without hassle, because even that is hard at times. I would love to work and not depend on the government, but I can’t do more then ask the Lord to supply.

No matter where we stand, the Lord is always with us. Did HE not say that the court begins with the house of the Lord?

Nobody knows, what all do we need to go thru, when will the Lord come and take us home. Because this wish only those Christians have that are going thru trials. I feel sorry for those Christians that are doing well, there is no need, those that have no thought about what is coming or who is coming.

I feel really bad for the pastors, the ones that are preaching the wealthy evangelism. All those pastors that are craddeling our churches asleep, those pastors that tell their congregations, don’t worry it will be a long time before the Lord comes. Those pastors will have a rude awakening.

All you pastors all over the world, can’t you see the signs and hours we are in? You all pray for awakening, awakening means that you need to wake up something that is asleep. When a pastor is full of joy and serves the Lord fully, then the whole congregation will follow. Don’t be afraid that people will leave your church when they hear something that they don’t like. Could it be that you are afraid that you will not have enough tithe coming?

We are supposed to preach the whole bible that also includes deliverance from demons. What happened about preaching repentance? In a lot of places they only preach about the lam of God, don’t forget Jesus is the lion of Juda!

There is a video in the internet about a pastor who is preaching the coming of the Lord and suddenly most of the congregation is gone. But in most congregations it will be the other way around. Just a handful of church elders will be gone but the rest will stay behind. In the 70’s and 80’s there was a lot of talk about the rapture. Today it seems weird to talk about it. There are a lot of people, who say sister Barthel, you are right.

A Covenant with Jeschua

With Luke 21:34-36 I want to close.

Be careful, that your hearts are not hardened and that you are not deceived by drunkenness and worries of this world and that you will be protected all of your days. Like a pitfall he will come over all, everyone on this earth. 36. Therefore watch at all times and ask that you are worthy that you will flee everything that will happen and that you will be able to stand before the son of man!


Veronika-Ulrike Barthel